fb-contrib™: A FindBugs™ auxiliary detector plugin

fb-contrib™ is an extra detector plugin to be used with the static bug finder FindBugs™ (findbugs.sourceforge.net). Just download the fb-contrib.jar file, and place it in the appropriate location based on how you wish to use it. (See below). FindBugs™ will automatically pick up the jar file, and incorporate these detectors with its own.

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fb-contrib can be used from the Findbugs™ Gui, Ant, or the eclipse plugin.

The latest version of fb-contrib is 6.0.0 available for download here.

This version requires FindBugs 3.0 or better

Detectors added in git

Detectors added in v6.0.0
  • [PSC] Presize Collections
    Looks for methods that create and populate collections, and while knowing the end size of those collections, does not pre allocate the collection to be big enough. This just causes unneeded reallocations putting strain on the garbage collector.
  • [AIOB] Array Index Out of Bounds
    Looks for questionable load/stores to array elements.
    • Looks for accesses to array elements using literal values that are known to be outside the bounds of the array. This mistake will cause an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException to occur at runtime.
    • Looks for stores to array elements where the array itself appears to have not been allocated.
  • [UJM] Unjitable Methods
    Looks for methods that are too big that the JIT will not compile them no matter how often they are run
  • [HE] Hangable Executors
    Looks for executors that are never shutdown, which will not allow the application to terminate
    --contributed by Kevin Lubick - THANKS!
  • [CTU] Conflicting Time Units
    Looks for methods that perform arithmetic operations on values representing time where the time unit is incompatible, ie adding a millisecond value to a nanosecond value.
  • [HCP] Http Client Problems
    The HttpRequests from the apache.httpComponents have some little-known quirks about them. This is a set of detectors that helps guard against resource starvation.
    --contributed by Kevin Lubick - THANKS!

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